South Queens VFW Post Offers Refuge for Veterans

A Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Queens has become a home base for some of the 6,170 residents from the borough who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Veterans Bolster Peace Movement

Not unlike anti-war movements of the past, some veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are speaking out against the war effort abroad.


Some Injuries Invisible, But Damage For Vets Is Real

Many veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan still find the transition to civilian life difficult — particularly as a result of trauma.

Veterans Reconnect With Friends, Families

Some veterans struggle to readjust to life away from Iraq and Afghanistan. So do the families they leave behind in New York City.


NYC Veterans Hit the Books

Like their peers nationwide, New York City veterans often transition from battlefield to the classroom. But furthering their education can be a battle for them as well.

Queens, Brooklyn Hit Hardest By Wars

New York City sent 16,677 men and women to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the most recent U.S. Census statistics. Of those deployed, 84 have died at war.

NYC Vets Continue Service – As Police Officers

Some veterans transition from the roads of Iraq and Afghanistan to the streets of the five boroughs.

Andy Bryant is one of them.